Conference Papers

Burke, E - 2017 ANZELA Conference - Fake News! Is your reputation safe?

Croot, N - 2017 ANZELA Conference - School Liability for Bullying

D'cruz, C - 2017 ANZELA Conference - The Excursion Management Problem - Balancing Legal Risk and Practical Realities

Ford, D - 2017 ANZELA Conference - Safety at School for the Transgender Student

Fountain, J - 2017 ANZELA Conference - When one size policy does not fit all. Safe-guarding the well-being of online teaching staff

Huisman, P and Philipsen, S - 2017 ANZELA Conference - Providing a Safe Educational
Environment Protected by the Law: Experiences from the Netherlands

Knott, A - 2017 ANZELA Conference - Safe for Whom? Religious School
Employers, Employees and Discrimination Exemptions: is it possible to protect both?

McConaghy, H - 2017 ANZELA Conference - Teacher Liability in Negligence for Mandatory
Reporting Failures

Moloney, K and Duggal, N - 2017 ANZELA Conference - Victorian Child Safe Standards:
What do they look like? Is there still work to do?

Rochford, F, - 2017 ANZELA Conference - How safe is too safe? Understanding the social utility of risk

Szakacs, H and Walker, R - 2017 ANZELA Conference - Can you Expel a Family? Dealing with
Aggressive Parents in the South Australian Government Education System

Trimble, A - 2017 ANZELA Conference - Relying on Luck or Providence:
Recent research findings on how school principals ensure the legal safety of their schools

Wischer, K - 2017 ANZELA Conference - Safe from Whom? Criminal Conviction, fitness to teach and the public interest

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